Jeff and Angel  Lea are in the running for National Delegate at Large. If elected we will be going to the Republican National Convention in Charlotte.

We both have been to numerous Trump events and helped in numerous Republican events, including trips to Des Moines to further our mutual conservative cause. I was told last evening about the State Convention being cancelled due to the Covid-19 event. As you may not know, I was voted in for the second time as one of two people to represent District 2 at the State Convention. 

Sadly, we all will be getting paperwork to mail in, but this is completely understandable.  On the paperwork will be Jeff Lea and Angela (Angel) Lea with either a yes or no vote for us to proceed. We are almost there!!

We have helped our Des Moines County Republican group in every aspect that we can. Now we humbly ask for your assistance,  fellow delegates, by asking that you vote yes by our names so that we can further fight for Trump by supporting him at the National Convention. 

Thank you for your help. Angel and Jeff Lea.

Hi friends,

I wanted to take a moment to shine a spotlight on the “Pass the Pork” program launched by Governor Kim Reynolds, Lt. Governor Adam Gregg and Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig.

The program is aimed at helping local pig farmers donate pigs to Iowa food pantries in an effort to increase the food supply that is available to food insecure Iowans. The initiative will begin on May 1st and last throughout the month, for as long as funds allow. Throughout that time many of our state’s meat processors will extend their hours of operation to help expedite the processing and packaging of pork donations for food banks and pantries.

I encourage you to donate to this worthy program to help cover the costs associated with processing, storage and delivery.

This is just one of many great examples of how Iowans take care of each other. Many thanks to those who have or are planning to donate, our state’s meat processors and our state’s leadership. As a state Senator I have always made it a priority to support legislation that is in the best interests of agriculture. I will carry over that same commitment in Congress, where I will never give up on Iowa’s farmers and producers.

For more information on the “Pass the Pork” program, please click here.

Stay safe,
Mariannette Miller-Meeks


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