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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred ten

The Hawk Eye just CANNOT see things in the right light. Get it, the RIGHT!

In a recent editorial about the GREAT  State of the Union speech (which amounted to nothing in my opinion) President Obama presented to the nation, there are a lot of phrases and paragraphs, etc., that to me, were not interpreted correctly.

But, the HE editorial writers have all these left leaning worn out phrases and lines, that are really stupid (another opinion) to be regurgitating and feeding to all their readers time after time.

Unemployment has dipped (not really, I contend, since no one knows for sure how many folks dropped out of sight because they were tired of looking for a job). Wages are flat. Economic equality is a crucial concern for middle class and poor Americans.  And I believe that.

When poor Americans came to my door over the past fifty years and asked for a job, they were not remotely interested in working. You could not DRAG them to work on time, you could not get them to do any  work (because they never had) and they constantly disrupted the good employees I had in my place of business.

Do I feel sorry for these folks? I most certainly do. And along that same line, right here in Burlington, Iowa, there are about ten thousand of those poor souls living in poverty or below and NOT ONE editorial in the Hawk Eye about how to help those folks get on their feet.

You would think a business  with a group of really smart employees could think of one editorial they could write which would help those folks.

My friends, that is twenty-five percent of the population of this county. Where is their help? Certainly not from the Hawk Eye!

If you ask me, the “power of the press” has fizzled miserably in this community.

Here’s another quote from the recent speech – “polls show strong support for a higher minimum wage and for most of Obama’s proposals”.

I don’t know about his proposals, but I do know about higher wages. Why would anyone, being polled and knowing they were being polled ever dream of turning down more money? Heck, I would do that if they EVER call me and ask if I would like for  my Social Security check to be increased.

And then, in an attempt to blame us Republicans the writer stated “Obama pledged to negotiate”. A bigger lie has never been published. He pledged it, but where is his action?

And the final “coupe de gra”

“By using his executive power in this, an election year, to score points loudly and often, Obama can hurt the obstructionists who place their ideology and re-election ahead of Americans, needs”.

President Obama has NEVER placed the needs, hurts and wants of the population in the USA above his political motives. Every move he has made in the past five and a half years has been for his own political gain. His motto just has to be “to hell with the folks”!

And while we are on the subject of “obstructionists” – Hawk Eye editorial writers, tell me the difference between us Republicans trying our best to keep the national debt at a standstill or reduction, to stave off poverty for everyone, and our own Cascade bridge.

If you were an editorial writer could you not make the same exact argument that these darned “obstructionists” who are city council members, are denying us access to the south side of Burlington because they refuse to rebuild the Cascade bridge?

Of course you could, unless you were BIASED!

The reason for the Cascade bridge being in limbo is the same reason that Obama’s “out of control” spending is a daily fight.


Something Democrats, whether they are local or in Washington, D. C., cannot now and never will, I fear, understand!

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