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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred one

Once again, our local newspaper, the Hawk Eye, ruined my breakfast last week. And, I might ad, it would not hurt if they did it more often since I continue to be overweight, and that is bad for my health.

I love to read editorials from any newspaper, since I spent a few years of my life judging same, and have read thousands of them throughout the Midwest as I moved from state to state in my endeavor.

The editorial writer was making a point about Sequestration, which in his or her limited capacity was going to ruin the world, but failed to explain to readers just exactly what Sequestration really is. I will try and help that uninformed writer and their readers, just exactly what it is that was left out.

But first – right up front, in fact it was in the third paragraph that the writer opined Sequestration was a Republican invention. Absolutely not so. Sequestration was thought up by our President.

If you use just an ounce of common sense you would realize that it had to be. Nothing the Republicans in the House could come up with would EVER be approved by the Democrat controlled Senate and the President could not possibly sign a bill that had originated in the House. He just doesn’t do things like that.

The writer goes on to tell us all that the sky is falling because someone got their budget cut a few bucks (I know that is millions, but with budgets in the billions, a million or two is really nothing).

Even worse, the writer quotes “medical school deans” as big whiners, which they are, BUT, there are few youngsters going into the medical profession because of Obamacare nowdays, so why is it we even need those folks.

Now to the real problem which always bugs hell out of me when reading these uninformed writers who have a platform for their rants. They NEVER seem to come up with a solution.

In this case, they whine that a few bucks is cut from their bloated budgets, but don’t tell us how they intend to make the 17 trillion dollar debt we are all faced with disappear. They have no ideas, no clues, just a platform to vent their whines.

I will attempt to explain the Sequester to my readers, and hopefully some writer at the Hawk Eye will take their job or position to heart, and look at the entire picture, just once and present facts, not fiction.

The Sequester was a way the President sought to try and bring all this federal spending binge under control.

The plan was to cut federal spending a percent or two each year for the next ten years and hopefully by that time the 17 trillion dollar debt we have will start to go down and stave off the inevitable poverty for everyone in the U. S.

As D’s like to tell us about Obamacare, the exact same thing happened to the Sequester. It was passed by both houses and signed into law by the President. End of story!

But, let’s take a look at a more practical dollar and cents problem so you can understand just how the system works.

Let us say our whiny teenager tells us they need one thousand dollars put in their checking account so they can get through their first year at college, and we agree.

The second year that same teenager needs one thousand five hundred dollars to get through the second year of college.

We, mom and pop, decide to invoke a Sequester on our own youngster and tell them that in this economy it is impossible, but we will give them one thousand four hundred and fifty dollars. And then the whining really begins.

Keep in mind they are only being shorted fifty dollars but to hear them tell it they will have to skip noon lunches for the entire year, their car will have no gasoline or tires, or if yours are like mine were, not even WASHED!

To compound the problem in Washington, there are entities who donate big money to politicians so they can get re-elected term after term after term.

Under the present our President gets to select who gets their budget cut and who doesn’t. That means if you supported the R’s your budget will get cut a lot, and vice versa. That happening will also occur if you live in a red state, as opposed to a blue one.

In the grand scheme of things, the Sequester who our local newspaper thinks will destroy the world, really, doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, it’s just a space filler. Our seventeen trillion debt is the real problem!

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