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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred two

My spouse and I just now returned from heaven!

It is Sunday evening and time to write my column and we just walked in the door – from heaven!

As a matter of fact we have repeated this journey about fifty times in our lifetime.

You can do this also, but you need to look on a road map and look for Branson, Mo., because that is heaven to me.

Some years we were able to go about three times a year, but since old age has set in, we only get down there once a year and that is over or during Veteran’s Day.

The folks in Branson have figured out a way to celebrate Veteran’s Day and they do it up right.

They have a parade down town, which is about the size of Mediapolis. I tried to go down there last year. The parade starts at 11 a.m. so I figured I could get there in time if I started at 8 a.m. WRONG! After I sat in line, or more honestly, moved about eight blocks in one hour, I decided I would have to read about it the next morning in the newspaper and watch the snippets on tv, which I did.

When you dump 70,000 folks in that little town at one time, well, to say there is a giant traffic jam would not do justice to the event.

Just in case you have never been there I can assure you there are hundreds of businesses and motels and golf courses and places where they stage concerts, etc. But Veteran’s Day is different.

Most all the signs have nice “thank you’s” and other likewise nice things to say about Veterans.

All the shows have a special spot for recognition of those in attendance who are Veterans and they ask us to stand up and be recognized and they generally have a special song or two.

There are special and free lunches and tickets to shows are generally discounted, or just FREE. It is a blast.

This year they did something different, or, if they have done it in other years I did not catch it. They imported some special shows for us folks.

Most of the theatres in Branson are doing Christmas shows, some are doing Country, and then there are all the others which includes magic, acrobats, comedy and everything from A to Z. If you like to get up early and start at 8 a.m. there are shows all day and night, somewhere near forty. There is surely something you like, or will enjoy in their lineup.

Back to the special this year – they brought in some really heavy hitters.

There was The Oak Ridge Boys, Ronnie Milsap and Connie Smith in one show, Kenny Rogers and Charlie Daniels. We went to see Charlie Daniels, the one show we have never seen and we were not disappointed. His band was especially spectacular. And, the theatre which holds 2475 folks was sold out early in the week.

Visited the School of the Ozarks where your child can attend college free by working their way through. And I would like to ad they learn how to deal with others, sometimes referred to as “the public”, and they do it well. You can even stay all night in their new motel for a couple of hundred bucks a night. In fact, almost everywhere I checked prices, the upscale motels and the condos (and there are thousands of them to stay in) all run about $200 a night.

There are other things to do at the “school” which includes eat at the restaurant, buy fudge or a fruit cake which they are known nationwide for and the ONLY place I know of where you can buy one of their products any day of the year, and yes, I did buy one.

They have a display of the Korean peninsula, made to scale, under glass, and those who served over there can stand on the side and point thru the glass at their particular mountain, or river they were sent to defend. I have never seen anything like it.

And if you like to fish there is also Lake Tanneycomo where trout are the species of the day and the browns run up to 30 pounds or more. I have caught hundreds of rainbow, but so far, have not hooked one of those lunker browns. Sometimes I get homesick just to see one so I run down to the hatchery and have a “look”.

They have a park where you can drive thru after dark and the display of lights, etc., is especially large and spectacular. Take the kids or grandkids, they will never forget the experience.

Gotta wrap it up because it is time to send this week’s issue to bed.

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