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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred three

Where are we headed – don’t know the answer.

But I do know a Chicago Mafia scam when I see one.

Over the years I have learned from numerous sources close to the Chicago Mafia pretty much just how they work.

If you are a contractor and get a large contract, as it has been explained to me, there is obviously profit involved and that is where the problem starts.

Let’s take the above example and say just for kicks that the contract has a million dollars in profit and has been signed with the contractor.

Pretty much, just after the project gets started, a representative from the Mafia shows up and gives the contractor a couple of options, which are not what you and I would wish for.

The contractor can fork over three quarters of his profit to the Mafia, or, he can risk strikes, delays, broken arms and noses, and on and on. Most of the folks I have talked to pretty much all opt for the payoff of cash and then they can complete their project peacefully.

It is a small price to pay for one’s own physical well being, let alone the delays, etc., which are sure to happen if the contractor does not hand over the bucks.

That is the Chicago environment and I cannot remember one contractor, and other business people who do not get touched by these folks.

Keep this in mind as you are thinking about the NEW health care system we are having forced upon us by our own government who apparently knows a lot more about our health system and our needs than we do. Amazing isn’t it!

The new “government run” health system that all of us must subscribe to has insurance policies spelled out by the government which we are being charged way too much for. They include maternity coverage for folks who are much too old to bear children, and other coverage that we will never use. Never mind, you and I will pay and pay and pay.

Enter now, our own President, who I just said knows more about our health, well, he doesn’t but his computer system will know – eventually, than our own doctor will.

Unbeknown to anyone in our own government, apparently, because I never hear anyone talking about it, is the high price of our health care insurance policy. You remember, the one all of us were going to save $2500 per year on, but we can’t find the discount.

Back to the Mafia for a minute. Our President was raised in that environment, in Chicago, where it is just a way of doing business. He nor anyone else in Chicago thinks that is illegal or immoral, it’s just the way they do business there.

So, it should be no surprise that the President has made a deal with the insurance companies to over-charge their customers and give him, well, not him, but give a kick-back to our own government to help cover the horrific cost of our new health-care law.

I guess that is a new way to circumvent a tax, which in the environment in which we now live, would be impossible to get past congress, but it might happen if the Democrats pull another shady deal.

This type of an operation should make all people, except Democrats, sick to their stomach, but you have to remember that politicians, especially those in D. C. are representing the entire United States, and not just a little corner of Iowa.

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