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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred four

The gold rush is on!

This gold rush will be a lot more productive than the California Gold Rush of time gone by. And, this one is about as far away from California as one can get – it’s in Washington, D.C.

Some folks like me, an old, crusty business person, would say it is the Mother Lode and some will affirm that this one will NEVER end. I agree with both.

You see, when someone like our own government makes statements they cannot back up, like THIS NEW SYSTEM WILL BE READY ON OCTOBER FIRST, when anyone who knows anything about websites, etc., knows full well it cannot and will not happen you have the “makings” of a gold mine.

It has been reported way too much that the website that will do EVERYTHING for folks who are anxious to get the government run health plan, is not ready now, and by all common sense, it NEVER WILL BE COMPLETE.

Many folks say those who are building the site are getting paid way too much and are using ten year old technology. I am no electronic genius, but I have paid for a ton of web pages and the ones I used were super simple compared to the one the Government is planning on using.

I think it is safe to say, the healthcare website will NEVER be up to date and that is where all the gold is coming from.

I can’t tell you just how many times during my fifty years in business some customer would come in the door with a “mess” some other printer had done for them and ask me to straighten it out or redo it for them.

I made a policy of NEVER “sticking it to them” because I felt that would put me in the same category as their previous printer and after all, if I did a good job of getting them happy, I intended to keep them as a steady customer for life. And I am happy to report that in 99 percent of the cases that is what happened.

Not so in this day and age, especially with the government. You see, the government has way too much money that is overseen by no person with any common sense and after all, when the cash pile is gone, we just raise taxes and re-supply the cash pile. Real simple. Except, you don’t want to be managing the cash pile when the “day of reckoning” shows up, that being the day when the cash runs out and the taxpayers are dry.

But it seems, there is absolutely no person on the face of this earth, except me, that believes this country will run out of money, because we can print more, is the latest excuse I hear.

We will see.

But back to the “business person’s dream”.

When the web site was not ready the order went out, as I understand it, to put as many folks on the payroll as necessary to get the job done – BY NOVEMBER 30! Well, I can tell you that will not happen.

But we still have a bunch of folks on the payroll, so to speak.

Next thing we all learned was there was at least three companies working on the site, but NO ONE really in charge of the entire project. I don’t know anyone past the third grade who would try to do something, especially as complicated as this, without SOMEONE in charge. It defies all intelligence.

Take a look at the plant being constructed near Wever right now, in our area. Do you think this is happening without someone, I mean a single person in charge?

So, to sum it all up, the heat is on and the money is being spent in the billions to do what – to soothe the ego of a President who does not have a clue about the project at hand.

I have met a lot of folks just like him, in my business. They dash in the front door with this magazine they want published in hours, not having a clue how long something like that will take, and then ARGUE with me like I don’t know my own business. I don’t miss those days.

So the gold in Washington, D. C. is going to flow and flow and flow. Not only to get this site up and running but the constant maintenance just to keep it running. There will be glitches and glitches and rumors of glitches which will take some attending to, and not one person in the Government will know how many chargeable hours does it take to fix a glitch? Well it depends if it is a little glitch or a big glitch.

And then there will be the constant attacks on the site by hackers – if you want to believe what other sites like this report – 40,000 per month.

Doesn’t anyone work any more, or are we all just hacking a website to steal money from elderly customers who are dumb enough to put their Social Security in the system.

Then there will be constant updates to a ten year old system and on and on.

Like I said – a veritable gold mine!

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