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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred seventeen

This is the second article about us human beings not being able to better or improve ourselves. In fact, if high school test scores are any indication, just the opposite is happening. We are making the human race, at least here in the United States, less smart, or maybe it would be correct to say, less ready for life in general.

I blame our own government for this. It is doing everything in it’s power to give us a life, “without work or effort”, which cannot be sustained in the long run. Eventually, we will all be in poverty up to our necks as those who do not work will outnumber those who do, and the really rich folks will move out of the country. It has happened before in other countries, believe me, it WILL happen here in the United States, in fact, I see signs of that all over the place.

I read books in the winter months in place of playing golf, which is a really poor substitute, but the book I am reading now is one of the BEST BOOKS I have ever read.

The name is “The Aviators” by Winston Groom, in case you wish to get it. A story about the early years of airplane flight and the heroes who flew them, as well as other historical events that the younger generation did not live through, but I did!

The three geniuses portrayed in this book are Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle and of course the famous Charles Lindbergh.

Here is a portion of the book:

“Doolittle returned to the States disturbed by what he had seen in Germany. It was obvious that Hitler should not be taken lightly, and that Germany must someday be reckoned with, but everywhere he went an odd air of complacency appeared to him to have affected political opinion. The unsatisfactory outcome of the previous war, with its horrendous casualties (referring to world war one) and destruction, had soured everyone except Hitler on the notion of further armed conflict. A League of Nations existed that was supposed to resolve international disagreements, and Britain and France, in particular, remained exhausted from the effects of World War I.

“In early 1939 Jimmy again returned to Germany on Shell Oil business. By then Hitler had accomplished the opening acts of his new world order. He had absorbed Austria. He’d taken all of Czechoslovakia after persuading the British prime minister Neville Chamberlain at the Munich Conference that he had intended only to occupy a small German-speaking portion of that nation. Chamberlain had returned to London and famously predicted “peace in our time,’ only to find himself now, a year later, grumbling that Hitler “was not keeping his word.”

“In the midst of this tense and disagreeable situation, Doolittle arrived in Frankfurt to find a marked change in the city, with “hundreds of uniformed men with swastika armbands and civilians with unsmiling faces on the streets and in the shops.” There was an “ominous air of impending catastrophe,” he said.

“Not long after, on September 1, 1939, Hitler attacked Poland with planes, tanks, and infantry. Two days after that Britain and France declared war on Germany. World War II had begun.”

Obviously, I cannot print the entire book here, or even more paragraphs from it’s pages, but you can trust me, it is so parallel to what our nation is undergoing right now, scary, might be a good description.

Unlike last weeks column about Napoleon Bonaparte whose life ran from 1769 until 1821, this episode ran approximately from just after World War I to the early 1940’s, easily reached by old folks like me.

If you want this saga to continue, just sit on your hands and complain that the Republican candidates for offices here and at the State and National level do not fit ALL of your expectations. Just continue to point out your disagreement with one item or the other that you just cannot vote for.

SO ----- what is your wish?

Do you wish to continue this railroad track we are on to destroy America and live in poverty forever, or, do you wish to offer your friends and family a vigorous economy, in a nation that cares about you, but does not wish to dictate to you, everything from birth to death.

The choice is really in your hands. You need to decide which you wish for the future and make sure you vote.

Oh yes, the Republicans will make the effort and make the phone calls to try and get you to the polls, but will you respond or just SIT? Remember a “no show at the polls” will, in reality, be a vote for the Democrats and their “take over everything” agenda. Is that what you want?

That decision will determine which path you wish for the future of your family and following generations.

It’s your choice.

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