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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred twenty

If you are a good business person your station in life is to be a great problem solver.

I will leave my own abilities for those who I served while in business and also to those who know me best – I think I can solve problems.

If you have watched any tv or read any print media recently you have learned that since our President does not agree with the long sentences some drug dealers have been incarcerated for, he is now turning them all loose to roam in the public square and deliver and sell more drugs.

I am pretty sure he is operating on the wrong end of the dog, as usual. After all, he is a politician who likes to stretch the truth (I am feeling generous today) and I maintain that if no one used drugs, what would we do with drug salespersons? It’s really not their fault, you understand.

Depending on the mood I wake up in the morning feeling, I scramble from blaming the churches, the politicians, the parents, the schools, etc., not necessarily in that order, to physical and mental problems of the user.

I am not a very good student of the Bible, but I cannot think of one instance where it talks about doing drugs, so, we are not repeating, unlike almost everything else in the Good Book. It seems to me as I enter the twilight of my career that us humans are just not able to change ourselves, thus we keep repeating the same old merry-go-round, generation after generation.

So, Mr. Bigmouth, what is your solution?

Let’s take the money we are spending on keeping these folks behind bars and do something constructive with it.

Let’s allow all the funeral  homes in the United States to apply for a stimulus package.

This package will go up to two million dollars per home, for an addition to their facilities which will allow the druggies to party away until they do themselves in.

Drugs, both soft and hard will be available at a slight charge and the party will go forward twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

Once a week the church of your choice (as indicated on the sign-in sheet) will make their way into your life and the service will consist of Bible study and a trip to the fiery furnace where they can witness the cremation of someone’s remains, looking thru the window in the furnace.

I have been told that once a druggie, always a druggie, but I have a small bit of evidence that once in a while that is not true, so, we must have a “rescue team” near by, to help those folks who genuinely want to kick the habit.

All this to be paid for by us taxpayers as I believe it will be cheaper than jail.

Of course, there will be a mountain of a bureaucracy to manage this newly developed, maybe cabinet level position. Let’s see, we could name that position the “Czar of Pot”, or some other catchy phrase. We have to do this or those politicians will not vote for it.

And the jobs created will be into infinity as far as numbers are concerned.

There has to be at least a thousand pages of regulations and someone like the IRS to watch over the project. Right now, the IRS is so corrupt we can’t put them in charge of anything. Maybe we name that new division the DRS which would stand for Drug Rehabilitation Service.

There has to be inspectors to make sure the facilities are clean. Inspectors to make sure the participants have chosen a funeral service and arranged for the disposal of their ashes. Then you have to have paper work, piles and piles of paper work to make sure all the Hippa laws have been followed and the next of kin, and on and on. This could eventually be done by computer, but Kathleen Sebilious is busy right now, so we would have to use paper and ball point pens (another opportunity for the funeral home to advertise) until we could get the computer system up and operating, which at the very least would take five years, plus.

But, the original problem, I have solved.

I have eliminated the person who runs the streets and sells drugs.

In business lingo it is called “eliminating the middle man” – and our prisons would be nearly empty too!

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