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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred twenty-two

I did it again – I made an error in judgment.

It looked to me like the present Obamacare fiasco was going to drive out folks who needed the care of a doctor or hospital, because, the person had to have six thousand to ten thousand dollars in cash to even get into the hospital and I know of NO PERSON who has that kind of cash on them.

So, the obvious situation was going to be lots of holistic medicine clinics where you use nuts and berries to prevent whatever it is you plan to get, and they can be used to cure whatever your diagnosis happens to be.

But recently I received more information about this subject. It is amazing, as my grandmother once said, if you will just read a little bit.

This information came to me second hand, so I didn’t have to read, but I believe it is pretty close to the truth.

Wal-Mart to the rescue!

I have heard via the grapevine that the Wal-Mart company is putting in place in every store they operate, which is a bunch, a doctor. I am assuming it is a family  practice type person.

As the story goes, each visit to the doctor will cost you FOUR DOLLARS, that’s right. Each doctor’s office will have the menu of the services they provide listed in plain site, or on a menu, sorta like a restaurant, so you will know exactly what you are spending, before you enter for treatment.

They will take cash, and insurance, and plan on you paying either before you enter the office, or upon leaving.

This is going to mess up the efforts and financial well-being of the best health care system in southeast Iowa if and when our doctor arrives at Wal-Mart.

We already have health care at GRMC and the government is building on an addition across the road for those among us who are not able to afford any kind of care, really, what more do we need here in southeast Iowa?

And don’t send me an e-mail about a problem you might have had in the health care facility we have here. It has happened in my family also. You must remember we are all dealing with IMPERFECT human beings and we are all trying to do our best.

And along those same lines I want to know whatever happened to another promise our President made that this new-fangled health care plan would save us “at least $2500” per family.

Well, this subject has not received much public attention but it should.

I see the “loophole” that politicians will flock to, just as soon as the national press takes up this issue. What the President said was the “typical” family.

Just because I don’t really have a life, and because I still have that old dictionary I used when I was a newspaper person, I looked up the definition of typical.

Definition number one – constituting or having the nature of a type. Number two – combining or exhibiting the essential characteristics of a group. Number three – conforming to a type.

There you have it, the definition of typical, and if you can understand what each or either of those definitions means, send me an e-mail. It is above my head.

So, in reality, premiums are skyrocketing, according to a Forbes report, and those increases are blamed on implementation of the Affordable Care Act and at the same time consumers are also facing higher deductibles under Obamacare plans.

Already, two Democrats were left speechless  when asked where the $2500 in savings went. Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Rep. Tim Walz, both of Minnesota turned to each other in hopes of an answer to that town hall question in February.

Sorta brings to mind our own Dave Loebsack – they probably never had that question asked before either.

This all reminds me of the famous line by President Ronald Reagan a few years ago when he asked, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?’

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