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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred twenty-four

I guess it is satisfying to write about the ineptness of our own federal government, but, I don’t think it will change, even if another political party takes over.

If you want to believe what you read about, there are only about 20 folks in Congress that have ever run a business, and they are running the business of the federal government? That is simply stupidity.

Would you go to a person in congress to get a cataract removed? Of course you would not, you would go to an appropriate setting and get a professional to do it. So why then, do we whine to our elected Senators and Representatives about every little thing that happens now days, and expect a solution to a simple problem which they will KNOW NOTHING ABOUT?

What qualifications do you really need to be a Senator or Representative, or for that matter, even a Presidential candidate.

You really need no skills, just a great “stump” speech and a ton of money, and you will get elected, without knowing much of anything about running a government.

Once you get there you will only need to re-appoint those same folks who have been running the government for years, you know, those same old tired folks you see on the tube each morning, bloviating about this or that, but really getting you nothing new.

I get frustrated about those folks, they are just political hacks, collecting a huge salary, and producing nothing. They have no goals to meet, or accomplish, because no one, not even the President sets any goals.

They go crazy with spending and continually scream that we need more taxes.

I firmly believe that twenty-five percent of the folks in our federal government are really not necessary and just arrive and punch in and punch out.

The folks who do all the work are the lower level employees. The top folks are mostly figure heads who know nothing about the day to day operation of their department. They just show up in a nice suit and tie and park in their special parking space and go on tv if needed. What is their purpose?

Then the mid-range bureaucrats who have been there for years, and will be there for years to come actually have the strangle hold on the works. They set the rules, they move the department, no matter what the head man says, and that is what needs to be changed, but don’t hold your breath.

And just for kicks, I have a couple of personal experiences with folks like that which I will share with you. This happened years ago, so when your friends tell you this does not exist now days, just nod.

The first one happened when the Ordnance plant was hiring all the folks who lived in the area, and even beyond, to help in the war effort. They were getting paid expenses, plus ten percent for profit. Back then we referred to it as “cost plus ten”.

So the secret for the plant operators was to hire all the folks they could because us taxpayers were paying the bill, and after all, we were at war.

I don’t remember what the number of employees rose to out at the plant, but the number 1600 sticks in my mind. I could be wrong.

So, this friend of mine went to work every day for two years, and he and his friends played cards every day. They didn’t have a job, but you see the company received wages from us taxpayers, then ten percent over that went to their profit line for the card players.

And then it happened.

One day, this new plant manager jumped in his vehicle, unannounced, and decided to roam around the property, just to see what was going on, more or less just to get the lay of the land.

He walked in on the card game and the deal was sealed. He fired them all, right there on the spot.

Nowdays he would never get away with that because you just cannot walk into a government project and start firing folks, even if you are paid to do just that.

I had another friend who was in the Army about the same time I was, but he didn’t want to go overseas, so he imbedded himself in an old building on an Army post (there are hundreds of old buildings in places like these) and started connecting spare parts (there are thousands of these laying around) to a large display board he attached to one of the walls in the building.

He could get lights flashing and gauges to move and the darned thing looked like it really meant something, but it didn’t.

He got creative one day and painted a sign to hang over the entrance which read “top secret, no admittance”, which kept almost everyone from observing his machinery.

Once in a while he would attach another piece and connect more wires and bulbs and gauges. In fact, after two years he had the entire back wall of his building covered.

One time some wheels appeared and insisted on seeing his arrangement, so he gave them a tour. Turned the contraption on, and the lights flashed and the gauges moved and the big wigs were satisfied that his “top secret” project was working and would be completed soon.

That kind of silliness has to be a thousand times worse now than it was in my day.

More taxes please!

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