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Richard’s Ritings – One hundred fifteen

If the federal government has ever done anything that is detrimental to our school systems, again, it is Common Core. This idea that one size will fit all has NEVER worked and it will not work again, be it education, drugs, or what have you.

There was a time in my life when our school systems were doing pretty well, in comparison to other schools around the world, but now, they are pretty much a failure. School authorities like to point to the upper half of classes and tell us how well off they are, but the upper half of classes will “make it” no matter what kind of a school they attended. The only thing they need is a piece of paper that says they attended!

I ran a little test, just to satisfy my curiosity, this past summer at my 65th class reunion when I asked everyone in attendance what they learned in high school that served them well during their lifetime.

Mine, of course, was typing which made me a decent living. Another lady said she learned the basics of bookkeeping which served her well. And to tell you the truth, that was about it.

Others, of course, had special teachers which they learned a little from, but for the most part not much.

And I would hasten to say that we did not even know college existed, so I don’t think anyone in our class went to college, even the top four or five.

I would just like to take that same survey of all high school graduates after they have been out of school 20 years. What would the survey show?

For a good many years local communities have been able to develop their own school curriculum based on the individual needs of the students. This made sense because school curriculum in a farming community would naturally have to be different than urban schools’ lesson plans.

Yet, over time, the Federal government (specifically the Department of Education) has attempted to standardize the educational materials used across the entire country. This transformation of education policy has been gradual, taking place over a number of years and different Presidential administrations.

However, under President Barack Obama, the push for a national and standardized “common core” has accelerated more than ever before!

Obama’s common core policies only serve to hurt our children, and they must be stopped before it is too late – and that may not be possible now. But no matter how you slice the cookie dough our children’s education belongs in the hands of our parents, local officials, and states, not some liberal bureaucrats in Washington, D C.

Today federal common core is at work in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Unfortunately, many states were coerced or blackmailed into adopting a standardized curriculum, often by the Obama administration threatening to withhold federal grant money if states refuse to comply.

The “Common Core” is just another way that Washington, D. C., is trying to control all aspects of our lives. The Obama administration has moved on to trying to control the education and indoctrination of our children, our most precious commodity.

Every individual student has a unique set of needs and personal experiences that determine how to best educate him or her. Curriculum design is the responsibility of the teachers and parents who know the student the best. Yet today, Obama’s liberal appointees in the Department of Education are force-feeding our children with one-size-fits-all educational materials.

Currently, 45 states (plus the District of Columbia) have adopted a common curriculum for Math and English. These standards were supposed to be developed by each individual state; however, the Obama administration has abused its authority by blackmailing states into adopting federal standards. The progressives’ next step is to implement a nation-wide social studies and civics curriculum to “teach” your children what it means to be an American, but more importantly, what it means to be a “Citizen of the World”.

If you just look around your own back yard here in Des Moines County you do not have to look too far to see some of the most conservative folks on the face of this earth, and likewise you can see some of the most liberal.

Tell, me, how is our own government going to throw all these folks in the same sack and announce they have given them an education.


And besides, our children, our own flesh and blood deserve something better than this.

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