Richard’s Ritings – one hundred five

It can be done.

There is not a lot of sense to worry about the Obamacare fiasco stirring our brain and raising our blood pressure.

The private sector is a lot smarter than the United States Government, so, there should be an answer somewhere.

It looks to me like healthy young folks paying for insurance they will likely not use for forty years is a no win situation, especially when there are no jobs available right now, but in many cases there are college loans to be paid back.

I have not read the complete bill of course, just like most other folks, in and out of government, but there has to be some way our society can be saved from bankruptcy.

I have written before that the government SHOULD have had a “disaster” pool for those folks who were unfortunate enough to have a horrible disease, something they were born with, or got at a young age. But my plan of furnishing a pool for those folks who would pay into it, just about what all the rest of us have paid for years (ours was with Blue Cross and Shield for 75 years) then supplement it with money from ALL the taxpayers in the nation to make it viable, was never considered, but then, I was NEVER a lawmaker and will hopefully not be, anytime in the future.

Another plan we had when I was a kid on the farm – when a neighbor was diagnosed with cancer or some other horrible disease, and they had the farm pretty well paid for, the diseased person just went into the hay loft, tied the trip rope around his or her neck, and jumped off the side of the barn.

I suppose, if you had a weird sense of humor you could say that was “self-medicating”.

So, it is up to someone really smart to figure out the way around this horrible law.

Let’s think about it. If we are young and the penalty for not being covered by the Government Insurance plan is basicly $100 per month what would it cost to be insured?

Just for this project let us say you can get a single health insurance policy for $500 per month.

And let us say, that some non-profit organization, let’s call it the “soup factory” has a plan whereby you can purchase a bowl of soup once a month for $500 bucks, yep, it’s all you can eat, and if you eat the soup you will automatically be insured against all kinds of stuff. In fact, we will have a check-off sheet where you can get the coverage you would like. Sorta like a café menu.

If we work the figures, I THINK there is a way to invest the money while waiting for you to get sick, and in a couple of years we can even PAY the $100 per year penalty for not having government insurance.

Our newly invented “soup factory” will assume all your medical bills, and just in case we have a disaster case come up, we will have purchased “umbrella” coverage to cover the very expensive disaster that we don’t yet know about.

I think we can get “umbrella” insurance from Warren Buffet if I remember right. He is sort of the Lloyd’s of London guru, except he is local.

I don’t anticipate any problem with the hospital, physicians or other health care professionals, as our “soup factory” will be paying in cash or gold, whichever our provider prefers. In fact, our “bag” person will follow you to the health care center you choose and make arrangements for payment in cash or gold, even before you have the procedure. No paper work, no expense, no nothing. AND NO GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE!

There is no doubt in my mind it would be self-supporting in a very few years and there would be money for our ills, in the bank, drawing interest on – you guessed it – government bonds!

My grandfather was one hundred percent right, when he told me, it must have been about 1936, since that was the year of the big drought (we had no idea it was global warming) that when the government came around to seal his crib of ear corn – “Richard, this is really bad. Once we start letting the United States Government on our property, it won’t be long until they will not only be at our doorstep, but in our house”. Little did I know, at the ripe old age of about six years old that what my grandpa told me was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CORRECT.

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