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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred fourteen


What in the world are we going to do with all the politicians who constantly lie?

Good thing they were not raised in the same household as I was, because, the razor strap that hung on the door going into the kitchen got used on me a few times (I must have been hard-headed) until I learned it was not permitted in our household.

Politicians have not received those paddleings yet, but I expect it to happen in the upcoming election cycle.

Our country just cannot stand for those constant lies, from either party.

The problem with lying, as my late, great, grandfather explained to me many years ago, right after I quit crying following one of those sessions – was – after you tell the first lie, who will believe anything else you say – FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

And that was a bit sobering, which made me feel guilty.

I fear though, that lying is just part of our culture now, and they will continue, maybe forever, but I hope not. Churches would be accused of not doing their job. But if they could stop it, then our jails would be full, assuming the liars are hard-headed as I was.

This is a real dilemma.

Then there is the problem of, how do you know a politician is telling you a lie?

Well, the old joke is, if their lips are moving, but perhaps that is unfair.

I believe it will be most impossible to get this sort of garbage under control, now that it is more or less just assumed we have to put up with it – mainly – because the profession I spent most of my life in – that being the newspaper business, has gone rogue.

When news outlets (and I am talking about print outlets) allow themselves to “sell out” to any candidate or belief, we have all lost our independence. If not now, it will happen soon.

This country just cannot have newspapers, magazines and all the other print media publish news stories that are slanted.

I can take any news story and change a word or two in that story which will give it an entirely new or different meaning.

In the “old days” if you will permit me, that would bring a group of folks to the office with pitchforks and axes to demand a retraction, or at least explain what in h____ was going on.

Nowadays it brings charges of disgust from other media, and really, not one thing gets done, or straightened out.

News stories are not to be confused with editorial comments. News stories are supposed to contain facts, not ideas, or guesses. Surely I don’t have to start teaching a course on the two purposes of being a legitimate newspaper do I?

Editorial pages and columns is where print folks express their ideas, their thoughts, and mostly are very loose with facts. That happens right here in River City with our beloved Hawk Eye.

Case in point.

In a recent editorial the writer stated it was a fact that “global warming” was real.

I am not so sure that fact has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. But, as most folks know, if you keep repeating a lie, soon folks will believe it is fact.

Back to our politicians and their speeches.

If a presidential election were held today I am reasonably sure that President Obama would lose and Governor Romney would win by a landslide.

I said it at the time, but I did not have a large enough audience to make a difference.

Mitt Romney was the PERFECT FIT for the America you and I once knew.

He knew how to balance a budget, he knew how to create jobs, he knew foreign policy and he knew how to work with all people, he was the perfect candidate for our time in history. But not enough folks knew it.

Reminds me of the story about the fellow who was drowning and another fellow with a boat showed up to save him. The person drowning was very religious and told the fellow in the boat to move on as he was waiting for God to save him. So the boat moved on and the fellow eventually drowned.

When he got to the pearly gates the fellow was a bit miffed and told God he had lost faith because HE did not save him. Of course God responded that he sent a boat and wondered what happened that he did not take advantage of the life saving tool he sent.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, even without the help of politicians!

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