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Richard’s Ritings one hundred nineteen


I am totally sick of this.

I can hardly pick up a newspaper or turn on my tv without hearing about the so-called RICH people who live in the United States. Somehow, the media and some politicians think they are evil, or crooked (if you can imagine a politician calling anyone
crooked)or criticize how they spend their money and it goes on and on.

I am here to tell you I am not rich by anyone’s imagination, but as everyone knows, who has ever met me or knows me even casually, I DO HAVE OPINIONS. 

My opinions have been stored up for more than eighty years, thinking I would never be able to express them because of the criticism I would receive, or the customers I would lose because I believed in something.

That’s all over now since I have NO customers and I really don’t care what people think of me, especially since I have been diagnosed with cancer. My family knows me, and when it comes to the end, isn’t that all that really counts?

Our country was founded, and still operates on the theory that you are free to make all the money you want to, even though the government is going to “zap” you really hard at tax time – you know, that infamous holiday that is just behind us.

So what is wrong with being rich, and sometimes famous.

Lot’s of folks have wild ideas about rich people, but, without them there would be no churches, no city owned Rec-Plexes, golf courses, tennis courts, libraries and
on and on. That is where cities like Burlington get the bulk of their tax money – AND DONATIONS!

If you have ever been on a committee to go out into the community and collect donations for ANYTHING, you will soon find out that the poor folks have nothing to drop into your plate, but the rich folks do and some of them wouldn’t even care if their name was attached to the project or made a part of the design –in exchange for a million or so.

I guess I have been lucky in my lifetime because I have met a few billionaires. Some of them even learned my name, knowing I was just another flunky in their eyes. And, because I am weird, or not raised that way, I refuse to become a “hanger on” when it comes to that stuff. You either like me or not for what and who I am, not because I know a billionaire, or run with one. I don’t play that game.

Lot’s and lots of billionaires are made each year here in the U. S., especially when the economy has “floored out” as it has now, and hopefully it will start up, but I doubt it because of that killer called Obamacare. The rest of the shoes have to drop one of these days and President Obama has pushed those rough ones that are coming our way off, at least until after this November election, but I gotta tell you that they will take effect soon after and EVERYONE will feel that tug on the old purse strings. And Obama, he will be gone because his term will expire and he will laugh the rest of his life at our struggles and grief. Thanks a lot Democrats!

Another item that bothers me a lot about billionaires is their ability to move around this world. If they don’t like it here in the U. S. they will just pick up their belongings, call their private plane and move out of the country. 

I know, I have written about this many times, but not one person believes that is going to happen – except me.

Billionaires who invent stuff and promote it to the general public don’t get a lot of sleep. They get one project going then immediately start on another one, and another one, and so on. 

Most wives and family of billionaires say (at least in the magazine articles and books written after the fact) they are terrible fathers and family persons because they spend day and night thinking about the next invention, or company move, or all the other stuff that has to happen to become successful.

But, in my humble opinion, you still gotta love them. For all the reasons I mentioned above and after all, the United States was based on making profit. We are not socialist or communist or any other form of government, we are profit driven and even yet today you can mortgage everything you own and strike out on your own to become a billionaire, just like I did way back in the 1950’s.

If you do that I hope your dream turns out a little bit more successful than mine.

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