Richard’s Ritings – one hundred seven

It’s here!

Finally, after years of talking, etc., Obamacare has arrived in all it’s glory.

Just a few observations on my part include the fact that lots of folks will NOT be signing on for this fiasco because they cannot afford it. I mean, who in the world can have insurance that asks you to pay from two thousand to ten thousand dollars, up front, in cash so some doctor can tell you what’s wrong.

Because, I believe, there are millions in this country who will not sign up, and the money to operate the program will have to come from somewhere – well, us taxpayers better get ready because it will be a shock to all our systems and I believe will eventually cause all of us to end up in poverty.

I know, that is a hard sell right now, but the stars are aligned, it is coming, following the path blazed before us by almost all the European countries of this world. We are following them, step by step.

I also think about our own ineptness to get politicians to go to Washington, D. C. and do the right thing. They get swallowed up in that mess and before long they are taking marching orders from other folks within the system instead of from the folks back home.

I can point to many programs in the past which we spent billions of dollars on to solve. There was the war on poverty several years ago which cost taxpayers billions of dollars and an entire new layer of bureaucrats to initiate and run the program. I remember the cry was, “we will greatly reduce poverty, if we don’t eliminate it entirely”.

Well, I ask, how is that working out for us?

More folks on food stamps and in poverty than ever before. Not even close to being eliminated, in fact, just in the last ten years food stamps are four times more prevalent than ever before.

Then there is my favorite target, our postal system, which owes me around a quarter million dollars for stuff they promised and didn’t deliver on -- but – they don’t refund for their mistakes.

I see in the H E where the losses of more than fifteen billion dollars two years ago has shrunk to only about five billion in losses this past year.

Why is that?

I don’t know, but I have a theory and that is not one dime was allocated from us taxpayers two years ago, even though they begged and begged. So, they got their house in order and figured out (on their own) where they could cut costs and live within their means. This dropped their losses this past year to the five billion figure.

Well, now that they have the system figured out, by using the same formula they should show a ten billion dollar surplus this coming year. We will see.

Another project that comes to mind is our war on drugs. Same whiners convinced the feds they had the solution and could stop this problem. Once again, another complete level of bureaucracy, and again, today, there are more drugs being consumed in the U. S. than ever before.

Which brings me back to this giant rattle snake in the room, Obamacare.

It has been a well-kept secret that the “death panels” which the President put into effect (just another level of bureaucracy) several months ago are in training, or they maybe have their diploma already and have moved into Des Moines County.

It is something that an old newspaper guy like me has had one heck of a time finding out the answer. Are they here yet, or not. I will find out the answer, but don’t have it now.

If they follow their heart, I can bet you the farm that if a Democrat is suffering, that person will get more time. If it happens to be a Republican, the plug will be pulled.

Depending on your point of view, that may be all well and good, but I just don’t like the smell of it.

I, like practically everyone else in this world, have witnessed my relatives passing, and most of them were old and it was time. Some suffered a lot, some didn’t.

So, my solution to this mess is to have a new State Law here in Iowa.

If your demise was at the hands of the “death panel”, when your obit is published in the newspaper you must have that designated – dbp, or ptp or kbg or some other designation that generations from now, when relatives are chasing down genealogy will see that you were – death by panel or pulled the plug or killed by government, or just some designation so our offspring will know the truth. We already put a little flag by your death announcement designating that you were a veteran.

I am old enough to remember when Hitler was trying to eliminate the Jews from the face of the earth and they tattooed numbers on their arms before the death chambers, and as a side note when I was in Germany I went to Dachau to see where the acts were committed.

Is the arrangement we have in place now any different? We use computers instead of tattoo needles!

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