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Richard’s Ritings – one-hundred six

Hello out there!

This is our new web site – hope you like it.

The time had come when we needed to change our web site. So, I will tell you about this change and give you some numbers that blew my mind.

First and foremost, you cannot change, or hang a new web site unless there is some cost involved. And then the question, can you justify this expenditure?

This information may help you with your decision.

Our previous web site and the name “” was owned and operated and the responsibility of the Burlington Hawk Eye. They were so very gracious to let us use that name and also manage it ourselves – thank you, is not adequate, but we all really appreciate that service which was offered and we accepted.

Last year, my computer blew up and I had to get a new one. It happens. But – my new computer and the operating system which was installed was something called Chrome.

You can already tell that I know very little about electronics and more specifically computers, but this system was not compatible with our web site and I have been flying blind for quite a while.

What I mean is, after Jim Holtkamp takes my stories, etc., and posts them, I like to take a look and see what I did wrong and what didn’t happen so I can keep Jim and I out of trouble. I simply was not able to do this and it made me very nervous.

I have been told it was the age of the web page technology we were using, plus the fact that I had a new, latest version, all the bells and whistles on my new computer. I suspect the web page technology was more than ten years old, and in the electronic world, ten years is way back.

So the committee of Jim, Gary Deen and myself went to a popular web page “do everything” for you company – Go Daddy – and, no, we cannot get you an interview with Danica Patrick, the famous race car driver on the NASCAR circuit.

This first version of our new web site is not complete. Please don’t send us e-mails or give us phone calls just yet, because we know it is not complete, but it will be soon. We are not available for the new Obamacare disaster, so if you are with Homeland Security, please, we are not looking for another job. I can guarantee you though, our page will be complete soon. You see, it does so much stuff that the old page did not, it takes a little time to get all the information typed into and loaded “in the back side” as those techies like to say. And while we are at it there is a great need for a huge “atta boy” for Gary Deen who built our new site – it is spectacular.

The one bad thing about our new page is the inability to “archive” my columns. Folks have told me they check in now and then and catch up on my columns, but that is not an option any more. Sorry. You will have to check it out weekly or you will miss something.

A new feature with our page is that you can check it out on your personal devices such as your cell phone and other devices I am not familiar with.

One other important point is the “viewers” of our very own web site.

I am so in total shock with these numbers I warn you, if you have a place to sit down nearby, better take a rest.

We started this page two years ago last month. Without notice or fanfare we had 371 visitors to our site the very first month. The following month, December, we had 561 visitors and in January it climbed to 798 visitors. The committee was very pleased with those numbers. The next December the visitors were 682 and this December the number was 283, but that was only the first few days as we had to take it down while building our new page.

Here is what we have learned the past two years. Viewers vary a LOT from month to month. If you know why, our committee would like to know because we cannot see any rhyme or reason to these numbers.

If you recall one of our e-mails was a story about fifty caliber machine guns being mounted on fighter planes during the second world war, and how they operated, etc. I can tell you our site was flooded and only by divine intervention did it stay “up” without crashing. I am sure Homeland Security was monitoring web pages, and when the word “gun” came up, they went crazy. I believe that monitoring of our page continues to this day.

This past July our readers reached an all time high – are you ready – 17,644 folks tuned in to see what was going on at This was followed in August with 567, then September 3,146 and October  jumped back up to 5,018. Total readership for the year of 2013 with only eleven and a half months reporting is 41,604. Like I said, it has always varied a lot, but these numbers are staggering.

To the readers of this page and my column I can only say as humbly as I can – thank you so much for your support.

You can e-mail me at

(This article is the product of the author and is not associated with or submitted by the Des Moines County Republican Central Committee nor any other organization)