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Richard’s Ritings – one hundred thirteen

Obamacare – everyone, it seems has a problem with it and so do I.

The very last thing I thought our own government would not get involved in is – when is it my turn to die?

That is against everything that I keep sacred, my time to die.

There is absolutely no reason that any government would destroy a perfectly healthy, good health care system and try to overhaul it – for the better, they claim, but they have made a mess.

Then lie about it!

And the worst problem with ANY government regulation is their idea that “one size fits all”. What is reasonable here in the Midwest is certainly not reasonable in California, New York or even Washington, D. C. Those folks are so out of touch it is not even funny.

So, here is my prediction for the health care system we all once new as great – which will deteriorate to nothing more than tagging you on the forehead and announcing you are doomed to die because it will be too expensive to keep you going.

I have been around long enough to have several experiences with health care and death, etc. It certainly is not a pleasant experience for the most learned and religious. There is something about the finality of being gone forever that tears at the heartstrings of family members. Even in the worst circumstances imaginable.

With that in mind, I keep wondering who in the heck has the financial strength to cough up thousands of dollars in cash every time they have to go to the hospital.

Our Burlington ghetto contains ten thousand souls so they will not be able to. Then there is the so-called middle class which is hit with every tax and fee you and I have, plus, they have children in school and college. Have you checked on that cost lately?

The very same government who claims they can handle health care better than you can, keep telling the middle class they are helping them, but, has not yet happened. The working class gets hammered for everything. In my observations, the middle class does NOT have ten grand in their checking account just in case Junior or Jane fall and break their arm.

Here is where I think the solution will come.

Especially in large cities, but then coming to smaller cities like Burlington, like a Knight on a white horse, will be those folks who claim they have the answer to our health problems – and they may.

That is the folks who have been promoting Holistic, Naturopathic and self healing practices.

If you are ninety years old and in pretty good health and you have been diagnosed with cancer the chances are, the government “death panel” will deem you too old for chemo, radiation and all the other problems associated with cancer. If it were today and you are a registered R here in the county, you will definitely be tagged for “no help”.

Knowing people as I do, I would guess if one of your kids stopped in and said if you eat these pomegranates twice a day you will be cured – yep – you will be eating pomegranates. This is called “human nature”.

And the “natural cure” folks will trot out their statistics and convince you that chemo, radiation and all the other things you go thru, if you have cancer, will not bend the “cure” curve of the particular kind of cancer you possess. They will tell you only a couple of cancers have been affected by these cures.

I am not an expert on any of this stuff, so it scares me just a little to write about something I know little about. But since I have been diagnosed, I plan to do a lot of studying on this before I make any rash decisions.

So far, it looks like the things I have put into my mouth via the food I have dined on, and the chemicals on those foods has not done me any favors.

Although I was raised on a farm long before we had chemicals my life mostly has been off the farm when our GOVERNMENT confiscated the farm and turned it into Rathbun Lake. But, it was not all bad as hundreds, maybe thousands of farms and families throughout southern Iowa have WATER, which is vital to raising animals and really, having water to drink is pretty necessary too.

I can remember when neighbors came with buckets to get DRINKING WATER for the family because their well was dry in July and August. Sounds like a “fairy tale” to the young folks now, but I can tell you it was real in those days.

So, for better or worse, early as this notice is – we all need to vote. It is the only thing that politicians understand!

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