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Hi all - if everyone is able to sign up for at least one shift this week that would help keep the Trump Train rolling! Whoever makes the most phone calls this week will receive an official Trump T-shirt in the mail. Also, if anyone needs training or a refresher please let me know! My phone # is 847-345-9114. Thank you.

Hi all --

 I have received a couple notes from members of the Central Committee and County Chairs saying they received an email from a "" pretending to be me and asking if they could do me a favor. Someone replied, and the account asks the person to buy gift cards that will be "reimbursed." This is a scam, so please disregard. Do NOT give out any personal information.

 Sorry for the confusion. We're working on getting to the bottom of this. Any emails coming from me will always be from this account,

 Thank you,

Jeff Kaufmann

“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

​-Benjamin Franklin